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Antonio Cappadonia

Antonio Cappadonia is the director of the Sherbeth Festival in Cefalù and the winner of several national and international ice cream-making competitions.

He was born in Cerda,a little village on Madonie mountains,about 60 km from Palermo.He started his career as an ice cream-maker in 1987 thanks to the opening of the ice cream kiosk ” Gelateria Cappadonia” of Roma Street. Antonio empowered his knowledge attending the most important ice cream conventions and refresher courses. From 1996 to 2006 he has been member of Italian Ice Cream-making Academy and Sicily fiduciary.

Technique and passion are part of Cappadonia’s career as he aims to enhance the old flavours “respecting tradition and without refusing the experimentation of new tastes”.

Among the most known flavours of his creation there is the artichoke one,typical local product,and Targa Florio flavour,tribute to the famous car race to whom Cerda is connected.

This is what Cappadonia thinks about his job: “It’s the art to elaborate,structure and compose the ice cream in a range of flavours and personalised recipes,which requires long time,accurate raw materials,intersection of scents and tastes that only the lab experience – silent,patient and creative – can generate”.


Pino Scaringella:the Ambassador of Italian Ice Cream

Pino Scaringella is an ice cream-makig master coming from Turin,who is considered a sort of “ambassador” of italian ice cream in the world and who taught generations of young  successful artisans.

His passion for ice cream started when he was a kid,because his father and his family used to trade in lemons;selling them to ice cream-makers and other customers they turned them into several products,such as juice,ice cream,etc. Since that moment he started producing ice cream and in the 80s he also started teaching,after different experiences around Europe. After that he exported italian tradition in loads of countries such as Australia, Japan, Canada, USA, Guatemala, Honduras, ect.

Here it’s an interview at Sigep where we can know more about Pino Scaringella;the interview is in Italian.