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Everything you wanted to know about Italian Ice Cream

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Sherbeth Festival 2010

The Sherbeth Festival is an international event about artisan ice cream which takes place every year in Cefalù,Sicily;in 2010 it will last from the 16th of september to the 19th.

During the festival Cefalù’s city centre is transformed into the ice cream village.It is possible to walk by the stands of famous ice cream masters and taste their cold masterpieces,especially along Corso Ruggero and the narrow streets which take to the sea. At number 92 of Corso Ruggero there is the Corte delle Stelle and above it there is a terrace where it will be organized a sort of lab,called Dolce Officina dei Gusti;here the masters will find the best ice cream machines which are present on the market. Nearby the Corte there is Cefalù’s Cathedral.

During the event is also awarded the Procopio dei Coltelli Prize in honour to the ice cream master coming from Sicily who is responsible for the diffusion of ice cream throughout Europe and the world.

Last year there were 150 000 visitors and 20 kg of ice cream were produced. The festival had also some room for discussions about health,employment and innovation with a lot of laboratories of Slow Food Palermo.

For further information visit the website:  www.sherbethfestival.it.


Motta:Enter The Magic

Throughout the years Motta ice creams have given to Italians moments of unique pleasure with innovative and high quality products. Coppa del nonno,Maxibon,La Cremeria:are only some of Motta’s successes,which have made the history of ice cream and which are famous even today!

Motta was born in 1919 in a small lab in Via Chiusa in Milan,thanks to Angelo Motta and it produced at first only Panettone. In 1953 the ice cream division  was opened with the famous Mottarello,the ice cream stick made of chocolate and cream. From then on the company has evolved with new innovative products,able to create real trends;in the 70’s the ice cream division is incorporated in Itagel which is sold in 1993 to Nestlè,the biggest food company in the world.

Nowadays the production is essentially carried out in the 2 factories in Parma and Ferentino:both of them have a productive technology which is innovative and modern,thanks to research and development projects and big investments. The products can be consumed at home or at the bar and interesting are the ones thought specifically for children:they can link fun with nutritional values,essential for a good afternoon snack.

Florence The Capital of Ice Cream

Florence turned into an outdoor ice cream kiosk! The only obligation? Taste it! It’s the “Florence Ice Cream Festival” programmed from the 28th to the 31st of May in the most important town squares.

The main idea is to transform the Tuscan city in a thematic park to guide the tourists through spectacular locations where they can discover the secrets of Italian ice cream. Santissima Annunziata Square will be turned into the Homemade Ice Cream Village with masters ice cream-makers coming from all over Italy;the protagonists will be children thanks to funny and educational activities with the collaboration of the Innocenti Institute. In the Salone de’ Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio there will be the inaugural convention,Piazza della Repubblica will be the house of the Industrial Ice Cream Village,other places of interest will be the city centre ice cream kiosks.To enter the area it will be possible to buy the event electronic card.

To enrich the event there will be a series of meetings and workshops about ice cream;in Santissima Annunziata Square will be organized an exhibition about the history of ice cream and the development of the productive techniques. 

Among the goals of the event there is the idea to increase the consciousness in the consumers of the quality of the italian ice cream production. From Florence will start also the campaign to recognize the STG for ice cream in Bruxelles.

Carpigiani Gelato University

Carpigiani University is a cultural project to support the development of ice cream kiosks in the world and spread some knowledge about italian ice cream. The essencial aim is to assist and prepare the entrepreneurs all over the world who want to open an ice cream parlour and the ones who had already do that, but who want to confirm the excellence of italian tradition.

“The protection and devolopment of the ice cream-making art,the general training for industries and the information of customers about the delights of italian tradition are our central mission.”

The University tries to open its courses to as many people as possible and therefore it uses different tools:online classes,courses in classrooms,travelling ones,personalised classes by the University or the customer. The classes are in Italian,English,French and German  both in the central seat in Bologna and in the ones abroad. There are six courses which last three weeks and the teachers are experts known internationally.

Carpigiani Gelato University is linked to other important universities to keep the competence and development of italian ice cream at high levels.

An Italian Success: SAMMONTANA

The factory derives from Mr Romeo Bagnoli’s dairy and nowadays it can produce 250 millions of sales yearly;during the season around 1000 people are occupied there,on a productive area of 70 0000 square metres.

The successeful elements are simple:absolute quality throughout the whole productive process starting from the raw materials,high technology of the systems,costant innovation,which has to anticipate and satisfy the consumers’ desires.

Thanks to this way of working,Sammontana is today the 3rd firm of the italian industrial ice cream martket after Uniliver-Algida and Motta-Nestlè and the biggest ice cream industry with an entirely italian capital.

The Tuscan industry was the first one to receive a certificate in this sector: the ISO 9001 certify the adherence to the most advanced and rigorous qualitative standards of  EC and it was obtained in 1997.

Sigep:professional only

On the 23rd and 27th of january there was the 31st Sigep in Rimini,the international exhibition of ice cream-making,pastry-making and breadmaking.

There were all the novelties about raw materials and ingredients,systems and facilities,furnishings and services for ice cream-making along with thematic sections and seminars.

The historical ice cream section collected the most important industries of the sector and created the biggest concentration of them in the world. In order to make the event richer,there was also the 4th edition of the Ice cream-making World Cup,where 10 teams of professional ice cream makers coming from all over the world got to fight each other.