"I scream,You scream,We all scream for Ice Cream"

Everything you wanted to know about Italian Ice Cream

Why Ice Cream

Hello to everyone,I’m Isabella,a second-year student at Bocconi University in Milan,and this term I’m attending a design class.We have to run a blog about a specific theme and after thinking about it for a few days,while I was having a big ice cream with a friend of mine,I came up with an idea:why not talking about “gelato “(the italian name for ice cream) in my blog!?

Why ice cream? Well,when I was a child my grandfather’s sister owened an ice cream kiosc and my grandma and grandpa used to work there;even my mother spent her adolescence in that place. However they stop working when I was anly 5 and therefore I couldn’t get involved in the multicolour world of ice cream.To sum up ice cream to me is connected with my childhood,but since I am in an a faculty about Economics now,I tought to look at it through an economic point of view.I will try to focus on the relationships among the different subjects involved in the process according to what we have said during design classes. In fact I will try to use the division among what can be related to the single,to a small group,to a bigger one or to everyone.

Any kind of comment is welcomed!!! 🙂


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