"I scream,You scream,We all scream for Ice Cream"

Everything you wanted to know about Italian Ice Cream

Giolitti:in Rome Since 1900

 Everything started in 1890 when Giovanni and Bernardina Giolitti opened a dairy in Salita del Grillo in Rome,where was sold milk of their own production coming from the roman countryside. Soon afterwards,thanks to the quality of its products, it became the dairy of the Royal House. After a few years other places named Giolitti were opened,among which there was the historic Uffici del Vaticano Street venue,where one of their sons,Nazareno,and his wife Giuseppina added to the milk sales also a vegetarian restaurant and ice cream production. When the war was over,the activity developed a lot and it became one of the best and most known ice cream kiosk of the capital.

Nazareno’s son,Silvano,took particularly care of ice cream,creating personally the recipes,the same that today his three sons and his wife still preserve;nowadays,after three generations, we can taste the same flavours of the past.

Historical place of meeting for roman people and for the Members of Parliament,it’s also a must for all the tourists who,everyday along the year,visit Rome. In 1960 the Eur,a neighbourhood in Rome, venue was opened,then several franchising activities have been started all over the world (New York,Copenaghen and recently Seul) and a catering service is also provided.


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