"I scream,You scream,We all scream for Ice Cream"

Everything you wanted to know about Italian Ice Cream

Sherbeth Festival 2010

The Sherbeth Festival is an international event about artisan ice cream which takes place every year in Cefalù,Sicily;in 2010 it will last from the 16th of september to the 19th.

During the festival Cefalù’s city centre is transformed into the ice cream village.It is possible to walk by the stands of famous ice cream masters and taste their cold masterpieces,especially along Corso Ruggero and the narrow streets which take to the sea. At number 92 of Corso Ruggero there is the Corte delle Stelle and above it there is a terrace where it will be organized a sort of lab,called Dolce Officina dei Gusti;here the masters will find the best ice cream machines which are present on the market. Nearby the Corte there is Cefalù’s Cathedral.

During the event is also awarded the Procopio dei Coltelli Prize in honour to the ice cream master coming from Sicily who is responsible for the diffusion of ice cream throughout Europe and the world.

Last year there were 150 000 visitors and 20 kg of ice cream were produced. The festival had also some room for discussions about health,employment and innovation with a lot of laboratories of Slow Food Palermo.

For further information visit the website:  www.sherbethfestival.it.


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