"I scream,You scream,We all scream for Ice Cream"

Everything you wanted to know about Italian Ice Cream

Motta:Enter The Magic

Throughout the years Motta ice creams have given to Italians moments of unique pleasure with innovative and high quality products. Coppa del nonno,Maxibon,La Cremeria:are only some of Motta’s successes,which have made the history of ice cream and which are famous even today!

Motta was born in 1919 in a small lab in Via Chiusa in Milan,thanks to Angelo Motta and it produced at first only Panettone. In 1953 the ice cream division  was opened with the famous Mottarello,the ice cream stick made of chocolate and cream. From then on the company has evolved with new innovative products,able to create real trends;in the 70’s the ice cream division is incorporated in Itagel which is sold in 1993 to Nestlè,the biggest food company in the world.

Nowadays the production is essentially carried out in the 2 factories in Parma and Ferentino:both of them have a productive technology which is innovative and modern,thanks to research and development projects and big investments. The products can be consumed at home or at the bar and interesting are the ones thought specifically for children:they can link fun with nutritional values,essential for a good afternoon snack.


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