"I scream,You scream,We all scream for Ice Cream"

Everything you wanted to know about Italian Ice Cream

The Made In Italy Value

According to the last Confartigianato data,in Italy there are 36.970 ice cream kiosks,about 10% more than 5 years ago;Italian ice cream-making is spreading quickly abroad since there are around 20.000 parlours. In the ice cream field there are 150.000 workes as regard Italy and 100.000 abroad.

The largest number of ice cream parlours is in Lombardy with 6.093 labs,followed by Veneto with 3.512 and Emilia Romagna with 3.273. However the highest increasing rate between 2004 and the first quarter of 2009 has been registered in central Italy where the kiosks increased of 12,9%. The most dynamic regions were Lazio(+15,2%),Puglia(+13,8%),Sicily and Abruzzo(+12%).

As regard ice cream consumption,more than half of it is concentrated in the north of Italy(52,9%),where the product is bought costantly along the year.On the contrary in the south,where the consumption is 29,4% of the whole,the sales are concentrated especially during the summer. In central Italy the consumption is of 17,6%.In 2009 has been estimated that the national consumption has been around 36.000 tons,almost 6 kg per capita,creating a business of 2,5 billions of euros,which gets to 3,5 if we consider also the machines,systems and ingredients sectors.

We can consider also the sector of displays and furnishing for ice cream kiosks,which is important since it produces a business of 300 millions of euros and emploies from 1500 to 2000 workes. In the Export field the supremacy is held by Germany;an increasing trend is the one of the USA,eastern Europe,the East and Australia.


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