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An Italian Success: SAMMONTANA

The factory derives from Mr Romeo Bagnoli’s dairy and nowadays it can produce 250 millions of sales yearly;during the season around 1000 people are occupied there,on a productive area of 70 0000 square metres.

The successeful elements are simple:absolute quality throughout the whole productive process starting from the raw materials,high technology of the systems,costant innovation,which has to anticipate and satisfy the consumers’ desires.

Thanks to this way of working,Sammontana is today the 3rd firm of the italian industrial ice cream martket after Uniliver-Algida and Motta-Nestlè and the biggest ice cream industry with an entirely italian capital.

The Tuscan industry was the first one to receive a certificate in this sector: the ISO 9001 certify the adherence to the most advanced and rigorous qualitative standards of  EC and it was obtained in 1997.


Sigep:professional only

On the 23rd and 27th of january there was the 31st Sigep in Rimini,the international exhibition of ice cream-making,pastry-making and breadmaking.

There were all the novelties about raw materials and ingredients,systems and facilities,furnishings and services for ice cream-making along with thematic sections and seminars.

The historical ice cream section collected the most important industries of the sector and created the biggest concentration of them in the world. In order to make the event richer,there was also the 4th edition of the Ice cream-making World Cup,where 10 teams of professional ice cream makers coming from all over the world got to fight each other.

Details make it different!

Ice creams are not only a question of taste but also of sight. Who hasn’t taste an ice cream with a coloured juice on it or a biscuit? And what about the cups full of fruit and any sorts of ornaments such as little umbrellas or puppets? But Why are there? Well,according to me and to what I’ve read on the Net they’re used to make the difference. I mean,if you’re a little ice cream parlour and you have to deal with loads of clients every day,you need a way to be remembered,especially when the competition with the other kiosks is high and the quality of the product is almost the same. Someone does it for passion, in the sense that they love what they produce and therefore they do anything to exalt their work;however the main reason is a marketing strategy linked to the crazy and emotional decision process of people.

Grom:from Turin to the world

Grom started its activity in 2003 in Turin and in 2007 opened its first ice cream parlour in New York;in the following years they reach Paris and Tokyo.What is the secret of its success? How come that a small group succeeded in selling ice cream around the world? The answer is in the production:

in 2005 they opened a  production laboratory where they prepare the mixture for the other Grom’s kiosks. The liquid mixtures are controlled by a team of experts and then distributed 3 times a week,like there where milk,to every parlour and there whipped. The centralization of this first production step allows Grom to keep the productive rigour and to use some kind of fruits available only in their consortium and not in the general markets of each town. Besides the ice cream is whipped every day in Grom’s kiosks in order to get the best quality.

The production pinciples are:

  • only fresh and seasonal fruit also coming from Grom farm Mura Mura in Castiglione d’Asti;
  • no colouring agents or additives;
  • mountain water coming from Lurisia;
  • fresh milk and eggs;
  • the best coffee and cocoa from Central America.

Cool Price

How is the ice cream price established?

Well,as anything in the economic world, the price must be higher than the production costs in order to get profits,but which are these costs? Even in a small ice cream parlour,as my grandma told me,there are 3 types of them:

  • direct costs:they can be directly referred to goods and services and so raw materials,salaries,etc;
  • industrial costs:they are linked to the production,like the electric power consumed to make ice cream;
  • general costs:taxes,commercial and financial costs,etc.

Even For Ice creams…

presentation is important. Yes,that’s waht I found out few days ago. I was wondering why two ice cream kiosks in my town have such a different number of clients even if the taste of their product is almost the same and then I got it!!! They are absolutely different in look:

 the one with a lot of customers has a soft lighting and a nice music playing all the time; the displaying windows are brightly lit and the tubs of ice creams are decorated with pieces of fruits and biscuits. All these elements, along with the rest of the furniture, create a cosy atmosphere;

the other kiosk is too brightly lit and the ice creams tubs have no decorations at all. There is no music and the place is very “cold”,in the sense that you have the idea of entering a sort of post office.

If you want to open an ice cream parlour keep that in mind:everything in your kiosk must be coherent with the message you wish to convey and even the aesthetic side matters!!!

Taste Emotions

Yesterday I had a Marketing class about the product: it consists of the basic product,the distinctive characteristics and the symbolic value. I thought that would have been interesting to see how these elements are applied to ice cream,especially through the analysis of a commercial,where they are more evident.

Here goes the analysis:

BASIC PRODUCT:ice cream,whose essential function is to satisfy the desire of pleasure and the hunger for sweets or desserts;

DISTINCTIVE CHARACTERISTICS:creamy,with pieces of coffe,chocolate or cherry to give the sense of something delicious.The brand is Algida;

SYMBOLIC VALUE:the idea is that eating this kind of ice cream you would taste the essential and most pleasant  emotions of life (for the ones who are not Italian it’s what the female voice said,in particular there are some words wiritten,which mean:authenticity, creativity and passion). Therefore if I’m a person who is looking for those types of feelings probably I would choose the advertised product.