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A Delicious Choice

Searching the Net I found some interesting data about ice cream consumption:

according to a survey by AcNielsen on a sample of 38 millions of people over 14,the annual ice cream consumption in Italy is of 4 kg per capita. Of these 38 millions 25,1 have favourite ice cream parlour whereas the other 12,9 don’t usually go to the same place. There is also a connection between the school level and th choice of the ice cream parlour:the highest the former the simplest will be to find people who go to the same place for its fame.

Besides the popularity of the sale point (22%),there are other elements which influence the ice cream choice:

– 85% bases its opinion on taste;

– 72% on creaminess;

– 66% on the presence of ice;

– 9% on bright colour;

– 2% on bright surface.

 The ideal ice cream according to this research would be the one displaied in metal tubs (sign of  hygiene and preciousness),decorated on the surface and creamy.

Which are Italians’ favourite ice cream flavours?

– 27% chocolate;

– 20% hazelnut;

– 13% lemon;

– 12% strawberry;

– 10% cream;

– 9% stracciatella:

– 8% pistachio.